Wellness for Businesses

Employee disengagement costs $500 billion a year.

Presenteeism is a huge problem in U.S. companies. Employees are physically present at work, but due to various wellness-related issues, they are not engaged or productive.

Maintaining good health is an ongoing holistic process.

Most corporate wellness programs don’t make a significant change because they focus only on diet and exercise. For a program to truly work, it needs to be holistic.

Primary causes of employee disengagement lower productivity

Presenteeism is a huge problem in U.S. companies. Employees are physically present at work, but due to various wellness-related issues, they are not engaged or productive.


Poor diet


Chronic conditions




Inadequate excercise


Insufficient sleep



We take productivity to new heights

Reach Peak Performance

Show your employees they matter and watch their performance grow

We support them with the even bigger issues of stress management and reduction, improving quantity and quality of sleep, and creating a lifestyle that is overall healthier and more balanced.


More efficient


More engaged

Better Mindset, Bigger Horizons

Changing the way women work will leave an impact.

Bellabeat focuses on behavior change, brought about through education, building new habits, and creating a mindset that promotes healthy living and decision-making.


Daily mindfulness sessions


Hours of work saved


More revenue

Investing in women’s wellbeing brings 15% more revenue on average

We will email you past months employee performance on the regular where you can see sleeping timeframes, stress levels and periods.

Bellabeat personalizes your employees wellness

Feel the Energy

This is a great week where you’ll feel energized, positive, productive and vibrant, thanks to the increase in estrogen and testosterone levels. Use this phase to schedule important meetings, learn new skills and move your body more rigorously. Eat leafy greens, sweet potatoes and foods high in vitamin E.

Daily exercises

Daily exercises

Guided meditations

Guided meditations

Meal plans with recipes

Meal plans with recipes

Weekly shopping lists

Weekly shopping lists

Sleep analysis & guidance

Sleep analysis & guidance

Hydration reminders

Hydration reminders

Bellabeat is not just a one-size-fits-all app. Driven by a powerful AI that learns, adapts, and becomes more accurate with use, we offer a unique, fully-integrated, body/mind experience tailored to each user.

When people love what they do, what they do is amazing.

Bellabeat Ivy, Leaf, Time and Spring are helping unleash productivity of the people at EY, Coca-Cola, Generali and LG.

This isn’t a program based on trends, it’s proven science.

Bellabeat is built on the foundation of over a decade of extensive research and science. We work directly with doctors and specialists in the wellness field to bring the latest information and guidance and we’re sharing it with companies and users to get the best results.

Working to make the world a better place


Every Bellabeat product is built from the ground up to protect your privacy. We don’t create user profiles, sell personal information, or share data with third parties to use for marketing or advertising. Tracking insights are shared only between employers and employees.


Bellabeat products are designed to reduce our impact on the planet while maximizing performance and strength. We strictly monitor our supply chain during manufacturing, are careful to design for energy efficiency, and work to make our products as recyclable as possible

How to get it

We are here to help you find the best, most cost-effective solution for your business, whether you’re a one-person team or 10,000 strong.
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