The only health tracker designed and engineered for women.




 & mind.

Designed as an elegant bracelet that monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence, and physical and mental activity, Ivy is a one-of-a-kind health and wellness tracker created for women, by women.

Live by your natural cycle.

How much do you really know about the ‘fifth vital sign’? Ivy helps you to sync with your body and discover its natural wisdom by correlating your biometric and lifestyle data to the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

Make informed decisions about your health. Every day.

Understand your body’s bio-response to your daily activities and make the right decisions for your psychophysical readiness.
Get motivated to hit your daily wellness goals and create simple healthy habits that last for a lifetime.

Track your heart rate 24/7

Discover your stress response and reach your goals in the number of steps, active minutes, and calories burnt. Ivy monitors your heart rate (HR) and activities to help you make healthier choices.
Active Heart Rate
Active Minutes
Calorie Burn

Sleep and recover better

Ivy helps you keep and schedule a bedtime routine so you can meet your sleep goals. It even tracks your respiratory rate and resting heart rate while you sleep.
Resting Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Cardiac Coherence
Sleep Duration and Quality

Health tracker developed for women.

No display

Ivy’s non-intrusive, feminine design keeps your data private and visible only when you sync it with the Bellabeat App.

Wireless charging

Super easy charging at Ivy’s magnetic charging port. Forget messing with cables.

Quality materials

High-quality silicone and stainless-steel parts are suitable for the most sensitive of skins

Light & durable

Ivy weighs only 0.35 ounces, so don’t be surprised if you forget you have it on.

Ivy Specs Detailed

Recharged in 90 mins, lasts up to 8 days.

In the world of wearables, Ivy’s battery life exceeds all screen-based trackers by ten times! Its battery also lives two times longer compared to other no-display trackers.

Like you: smart on the inside, beautiful on the outside

Among health and fitness trackers, Ivy stands out with a fashionable, edgy look that can match any style. No masculine design, no distracting display, just elegance and beauty.

BLUSH Rose Gold

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Actress & Fashion Influencer

I’m always looking for ways to up my health and wellness and hold me accountable, and the Bellabeat tracker Ivy is my absolute new obsession. It takes care of everything, and the fact that it tracks my cycle is another part that’s just a game changer for me. If my Readiness Score is really low then I know I won’t be able to take that really important meeting, maybe I need to take a break, and if it’s really high, then I know I can do everything and pretty much conquer the world! You definitely want the Ivy tracker in your life, it’s the health and wellness game changer you’ve been looking for!


Fashion Influencer & Corporate Consultant

With a busy work schedule, my health has taken a hit. Ivy has been the mental push I need because everyday I'm striving for a higher Wellness Score than the previous day.



Tracking your menstrual cycle can benefit you in so many ways and the Bellabeat app makes it easy. It gives you an estimate of when you will be ovulating and also when your next period will start!


Motherhood & Beauty Influencer

Ivy helps me optimize my health, wellness, relationships, mental health, career, productivity, etc! As women, our cycles are a huge part of our lives, and instead of acknowledging this, we typically dismiss them, when really, we should be tailoring our lifestyle to be aligned with where we are in our cycle and how our bodies are actually feeling!


Entrepreneur & Influencer

I used to be one of those people who just didn’t like working out. I would start, maybe do it for 2-3 weeks and then nothing. But this year, I decided to change my habits and I’m so happy to have my Ivy to help me support and track everything I do and I’m just so much happier! If you don’t know where to start: it has you covered as you get 6 months of free access to the Coach Premium Membership where you get personalized diet and workout programs, aligned with your cycle!



"The Ivy by Bellabeat knows our biology. It guides us according to our 28 day female cycle so we know what our body needs at each phase. Aligning my workouts, nutrition and and lifestyle with my cycle helped prep my body for pregnancy so when we started trying, my body was hormonally ready to go. We got lucky on our first try, and I’ve experienced almost zero pregnancy symptoms so far."


Mama, Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

My Ivy has been one of my favorite things this year! I’ve been able to combat stress, prevent burnout, sleep better and so much more because of it. You don’t realize your lack of self-care until you have something like Ivy to help you keep track the important things needed to take care of yourself. It really does make me feel more comfortable and at ease about my health & wellness journey because it’s so effortless. Now, making sure that I drink all of my water a day is like playing a game to increase my readiness score lol. I LOVE my Ivy!


Age Positivity Influencer

Menopause has certainly thrown me a curveball over the last 12 months and I’m looking forward to tracking areas like sleep patterns, heart rate, physical activity, and being able to identify areas that can be improved for better overall wellbeing and health. Personally, I’ve always felt stronger mentally and emotionally when my body is healthy and nurtured. Just a few more days until I get my first Readiness Score up which is my body’s unique fingerprint based on 7-30 days of day/night data collection. However, I already fell in love with the Wellness Score feature - it's almost like having your personal wellness coach dressed in jewelry.


UCLA Gymnast

"One of my favorite features of the Ivy is how it tracks my biometric data and provides me with feedback in the form of a Readiness Score that shows me how ready my body is to take on the day. I have also loved the nutrition tips and using the guided meditations through the Bellabeat Wellness Coach app which has helped me keep the right mindset during my competition season!"


Influencer & Model

Ivy has been a huge help adjusting to the new mom of three life which can be hectic!. But I can count on it to keep me aligned and motivated to hit my wellness goals even in postpartum! It keeps track of my health by tracking my sleep in and also my heart and respiratory rate which is important! It’s personalized to my body and I feel more refreshed because it helps me prioritize self care as well!



I can’t get over how much Ivy has helped me find inner balance, plus it looks really awesome too! Living in sync with my menstrual cycle by adapting my diet, workout and mediation has contributed to reducing some of my PMS symptoms that I suffer from. I truly believe this lifestyle is the best wellness approach that is tailored to us women.


Doula & Entrepreneur

"I love that with Ivy I am able to effortlessly be aware of what my body needs, getting all my insights and be aware of my specific requirements each day, to make better decisions and optimize my wellness without forgetting about my goals. But what I love the most about Ivy is that it's synced to my cycle! It helps me predict it even through the irregular postpartum/nursing stage, which is SO important to me for natural family planning, and to allow myself to nourish my body properly depending on my hormone needs, while having more grace with myself when I need to take it easy."

Chari Hawkins

Bronze Medalist, Team USA Heptathlete

I started using Ivy at the perfect timing because it is an amazing wellness tracker that lets me know how my body is recovering and what it really needs!

Isabel Vita

Hollywood’s Celebrity Tan Artist

Ivy bracelet is my go-to fashion accessory that also tracks my health and syncs with my cycle. Believe me, when I tell you.. this has made a difference in my overall health in only a week’s time. I’m always on the go between taking my daughter to school, going to the gym, tanning my clients, business meetings, and an overall busy LA lifestyle. Ivy and the Bellabeat Coach app have helped me kickstart a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I love it because it was made for women, which is why I trust the Bellabeat Coach app to sync my nutrition, fitness and everything with my cycle and help me lead the most balanced lifestyle. It’s also the ONLY health tracker that’s been tested on women.

Masai Russel

USA Track & Field Athlete

Knowing my wellness and readiness score puts me on top of my game, the readiness score is an echo of my body’s bio-response, and the wellness score is the coach that evaluates your wellness efforts. The higher the score, the more I know I’m taking care of myself. I love it; I became obsessed in the best possible way - it’s almost like my body is talking to me through an app.

Danae Mercer

Body-positivity & Self love activist

I’m in love with my Ivy! At the end of the day, my body is different from a man’s. Hormones change how I feel throughout the month, and that is ok. I’m excited to see wellness companies FINALLY taking this into account. Also, in love with the design; it’s so feminine and has NO display!

Ella Halikas

Sports Illustrated Runway Model

It is literally the best tracker I’ve ever heard of. I’ve never seen anything like this. You can figure out so much about your body and what actually works for you, for your lifestyle. I’m obsessed!

Get personalized coaching

Turn your biometric and lifestyle data into action with Bellabeat Wellness Coach. Choose your specific goals and get customized, expert-based wellness guidance with personal exercise, meditation and nutrition plan that’s adjusted to your cycle.

A wellness library that has it all

With the Bellabeat Wellness Coach, you won’t need to download multiple apps for workouts, meditations, recipes, and everything in between. Instead, our extensive content library offers all that in one place and tailors it just for you.

Strength Workouts

Strength Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises

Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges

Better Sex Tips

Better Sex Tips

Meditations for Moms

Meditations for Moms

Postpartum Fitness

Postpartum Fitness

Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

Wellness and Beauty Tips

Wellness and Beauty Tips

Guided Affirmations

Guided Affirmations

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

6 months free

Get Coach with Ivy

Ivy's smart insights (Readiness & Wellness Scores and My Diary) will be free forever and won't require additional charge. However, to help you take those insights a step further, we ensured a gift for all Ivy buyers: free 6 months of living, exercising, and meditating with the Bellabeat Wellness Coach (regularly $9,99/mo).

Get your Ivy today and become who you were meant to be!

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