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Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do Jumping Jacks?

What are jumping jacks? Jumping jacks are an efficient jumping exercise that provides a full-body workout and could be done almost anywhere, as it requires no equipment, just a little bit of jumping space. Which muscles are used when performing […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Sissy Squat?

What is a sissy squat? The sissy squat is a great helpful exercise for building quads, working on the hip flexors, and strengthening the core, all with one movement. Performing a sissy squat involves locking the feet in a fixed […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Plank Jack?

What is a plank jack? The plank jack exercise combines two exercises that are pretty well-known for everyone – the traditional plank and the jumping jack. Shortly put, performing plank jacks means getting on all fours in a plank position […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Cossack Squat?

What is a Cossack squat? A Cossack squat is a squat variation performed on one leg with the other one stretched out. In the Cossack squat, the leg that does the squatting is challenged by reaching full flexion at the […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Curtsy Lunge?

What is a curtsy lunge? A curtsy lunge is one of many lunge variations, and it is a compound, functional and effective exercise for the lower body, that mainly engages the quadriceps and glutes. If your fitness goal is to […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Reverse Lunge?

What is a reverse lunge? The reverse lunge is a great leg exercise that mainly focuses on working and engaging the muscle groups throughout the lower body. The best part is that it can be done anywhere and with no […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Military Press Exercise?

What is a military press? A military press is also commonly called an overhead press and a shoulder press. The standing military press is a barbell strength training exercise, and shoulder exercise, that works muscle groups in the upper body, […]

Fitness & Exercise

How To Do a Mountain Climbers Exercise?

What is the mountain climbers’ exercise? A mountain climber is a very efficient (and pretty fun) full body exercise that activates muscles throughout the entire body. Which muscles are used for performing the mountain climbers? Mountain climbers are challenging because […]

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