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Why It’s Hard to Change?

Change is imminent. It is something that can overshadow us or something we can take into our own hands, handle and learn from. It can surprise us when we least expect it or can be our resolution, idea, wish and […]

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How To Make Changes That Last

New Year is infamous for all the resolutions made… and given up on by end of January. When the year starts you’re motivated, driven by all the ‘new year, new you’ talk everywhere you turn. When everyone around you is […]


Personal Reflection: Questions To Ask Yourself

If you’re like most people, you’ve made a few (or a bunch of) New Year’s resolutions.  But, as the year progresses, you find yourself recycling old habits you’ve sworn to let go of. You realize that sticking to your resolutions […]


Personal Development 101

Do you struggle with the idea of having some time to yourself? Maybe you think it’s ungenerous to focus on personal development when other people need your attention, too. Or, perhaps, you just find yourself coming up with reasons why […]


4 Types of Meditation: Which One Is the Best for You?

This week we’re all about mindfulness! Meditation, breathing, reflection are all important when deciding to embark on this journey of becoming more self-aware and stress-free. In the sea of different meditation options, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect one […]


Benefits of Sleep Meditation (With Examples)

Everyone experienced restless nights at least once in their life. But when sleep becomes a struggle, all of our daily chores get harder to perform. Sleep meditation can help you fall asleep easier and achieve higher quality sleep. What is […]

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