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Stages of Sleep: What Happens During Sleep?

Sleeping is a fascinating part of our daily routine that many do daily without understanding, and understanding sleep is very important. Your brain takes a crazy roller-coaster ride through stages of sleep each night while your consciousness is entirely unaware. […]


How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule?

Having an inconsistent sleep schedule can sometimes feel like your whole life is out of order. Our internal circadian rhythm and sleep schedule can be affected by many things, such as pulling all-nighters, traveling across time zones, or working night […]


How to Fall Asleep Fast? (Methods and Tips)

Sleeping should take about one-third of every adult’s day, and healthy and good sleep is a necessary factor for a healthy and well-balanced life. While some are lucky enough to fall asleep at just a sight of a blanket and […]


Why Do I Sweat In My Sleep?

Sweat – no matter how much you hate it, it is essential for your body to regulate its temperature. Whether it is hot outside or while exercising, you are expected to sweat, sometimes a lot. But when you are asleep, […]


Why Can’t I Sleep? Here Are 15 Surprising Causes

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” — Irish Proverb. Oh, dear sleep, thou art so lovely. The number of health conditions caused by poor sleep is endless. Topping the list are […]


5 Important Signs of Sleep Deprivation

Walking around in a daze and bumping into walls is a pretty good sign of not getting enough sleep. Thankfully, these kinds of symptoms don’t appear that often or in such extremes. Most of us feel that if we get […]


How To Get Better Sleep With Ivy

Everyone struggles with sleep from time to time. Whether you’re having a hard time falling asleep or you’re waking up tired in the morning, some symptoms are fairly common.  You slept for 8 hours but still woke up tired? You’re […]

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